• Body Rock

  • Body Rock by Jon Mullane

    Jon Mullane grew up in both Halifax, Nova Scotia and Toronto, ON in Canada. Having first picked up the bass guitar at the age of 12 he began performing continuously in bands from the time he was 15 as a lead vocalist, guitar player/ keyboard player, soon moving into the top 40/cover band circuit during the nights while attending school in the day.

    Soon after, he began writing, and discovered that through his love of listening to US top 40 radio stations in bed every night during his youth that siphoned through to Canada on the AM dial, he had developed a flare for writing songs with melodies that 'stick in your head'. After placing as a semi-finalist in a band competition for a local Halifax radio station, he performed his first gig as an original artist in front of 20,000 people in an open air concert for the contest.

    He never looked back from that day, taking small but important steps and furthering his career as a recording artist/songwriter/performer throughout the years. The one consistent throughout it all is his unending persistence despite the obstacles. Having lost both parents while still very young, then overcoming a potentially career-ending case of tinnitus, Jon Mullane has laid everything on the line for his career. Whether it's his fascination with UFOs, his status as a former tennis pro, his degree in psychology or even his venturing towards law school – before being wisely put back on the music path by those who recognized his emerging talent, it's the music that mattered most.

    For Jon Mullane, music IS life.