• Brian Cooney

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  • Nothing Greater (Special Edition) 1.19.21

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  • Brian Cooney

    Born in the Northeast USA, now living in Nashville, TN, Brian graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  A long-time performer, his music reaches into the depths of people’s hearts, and for that moment, seems to elevate listeners above their present circumstances.  His lyrics articulate the deep cries of the soul in ways that are both compelling and inspiring.  Brian’s work spans three decades and his songs impact people all over the world.  His weekly Facebook music show has gained a strong following and continues to attract new viewers every week.  Look for his album “Born” (a heavier collection of anthems) as well as “Peace”(a tranquil and contemplative piano instrumental) and his upcoming album; Nothing Greater - releasing Spring of 2021.

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