• Jordan Green

    1. It's A Start 3:02
    2. One Way 3:12
    3. I Can't Do This Anymore 3:37
    4. Budge 3:13
    5. Needle in a Haystack 3:38
    6. Good Enough 3:18
    7. Song About You 3:40
    8. Burglar Alarm 2:51
    9. Take A Ride 2:57
    10. Point & Shoot 2:44


  • Press Release

    At 18-years-old, Jordan Green is already an accomplished songwriter and musician.  Born and raised in Northern, NJ, Jordan has a unique style with a sound best described as upbeat roots rock with a country feel.  He has a knack for writing a catchy chorus and his melodies are perfectly crafted to highlight his clever lyrics.

    Recently a fan commented on a local radio show that Jordan is “everything that’s right about music,” lofty praise for an artist of any age. Jordan’s original songs consistently get dropped into regular rotation on stations across the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, reaching as far out as the Fiji Islands.  Four of his singles have appeared on the Nashville indie charts, with two reaching #1 in the past year.  His newest single, “Song About You”, was the #1 requested song during the month of June on 2RDJ-FM radio in Sydney, Australia.

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