• Frank Trousdell

  • New Single 2.15.19 WORLDWIDE (digital)

  • What Was On Her Mind

    Written and arranged by Frank Trousdell
    Produced and co-arranged by Matt Grady
    Mastered by Rob Nation
    Recorded at EMAC Studios London Ontario Canada

    Nick Fetchison - lead guitar/bass guitar
    Parker Booth - Drums
    Patrick Fockler - keyboards
    Doug Johnson - steel guitar
    Shane Guse - Fiddle/mandolin
    *Please note that Patrick, Doug and Shane are all road players hired by the likes of Nashville super artists i.e. Eric Church and many more.

  • 9.18.18 WORLDWIDE

  • 1. The Long Road Home 3:48
    2. Hold On To My Heart 3:43
    3. How Long Must I Wait 3:17
    4. Musician's Trilogy 5:36
    5. Little Girl, Big City 3:30
    6. One Step Away 4:17
    7. Lovin You 4:38
    8. Chasing Stars 2:55
    9. Hitch Your Wagon 3:39
    10. I'm The Hurtin' Kind 5:46
    11. The Hard Life I'm Living 4:53
    12. Camouflage 3:44
    13. Who I Am 2:23
    14. Fly Me Away 4:52

  • Port Stanley’s own recording artist Frank Trousdell signs record deal with Bongo Boy Music Group from St. Thomas, ONT Canada. Bongo Boy Music Group is the Canadian operation of American record label Bongo Boy Records, LLC. On August 14, 2018, Bongo Boy will release the 1st digital single “The Long Road Home” worldwide and follow this prelude with a worldwide album release of Frank Trousdell’s studio album with the same title “The Long Road Home” on September 18th 2018.

  • Earlier this year Frank’s music was introduced to the label by their Music Director, Emidio Vaz. At that time one of Franks original song titled “Little Girl Big City” was introduced to Bongo Boy and the label accepted the track to be featured on Bongo Boy Records Homestead Volume Three album by Various Artists. This Americana album series is for Folk, Country and Bluegrass type of music.
    Another great original song that was written by Frank Trousdell titled “Gotta Hold On” has also been accepted by the label and will be featured on the record label’s other compilation series The Gospel Blues by Various Artists. Bongo Boy Records Gospel Blues series inspired and supported by Radio DJ host Bill Kenton from Bill and Kat Radio Station in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

  • The record label is very excited to sign a complete full-length album by this talented Canadian recording artist. When Frank’s music was presented for consideration of a full album release, A&R Director/Producer/Songwriter Gar Francis partner in Bongo Boy Records took the task under his wings with his team resulted in 14 carefully selected tracks of fine Americana music. Frank’s upcoming album THE LONG ROAD HOME will be distributed Worldwide as a physical CD, digital download and streaming release. 
    THE LONG ROAD HOME by Frank Trousdell will also be distributed digitally in today’s hottest music market Asia via Bongo Boy Records ASIA ( Hong Kong, China)